What’s this blog all about….

How it all began...

The Shoemaker Family Blog

Hello there family and friends.

We have created this blog for you to keep up with The Shoemkaer Jr. Family. We know life gets busy, however we are never too busy for our family and friends. Please know that! We can only send out so many texts, emails, etc. (and yes Bridget still uses good ole snail mail). So we have decided this is where we will land our family news, updates, prayer requests, happy moments, scary moments, and exciting ones as well. Okay you get the drift. My goal is to update at least once a week. Well… that’s a good goal right? I am huge on goal setting and if I commit to something I keep my word. So I am setting the bar high. We can always adjust.

So, we welcome you with open arms to our world. What better place to hear what’s going on with the Shoemakers than directly from us. Forget the telephone game..the story never comes out the same anyway.


Billy, Bridget and Tatum


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