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The musical life of Billy Shoemaker

Billy Murray Shoemaker Jr. was born March 10th, 1986 in San Antonio, Texas, where most of his extended family still resides today. His mother and father soon thereafter moved to Dallas, Texas and a year later his younger sister Jackie was born. In fall of 1996 his father was offered an opportunity to move the … Continue reading

Tatum is 3 months today!

Three months ago today the most precious soul was brought into this world. He has taught us so much and what fighting for life really means. Tatum you are a gift from God! We love you our little Tater Tot.

Something so important

Working out and exercise is a daily routine in Bridget’s life. She believes everyone needs to free themselves from the world and release their mind at least a few times a week. Sweat your worries out, sweat the pain. Your day will be so much better. Try it.

How it all began….

Bridget and I met through a mutual friend in our hometown of Austin, Texas in the Winter of 2010.  In Spring of 2011, I asked Bridget to attend a few of my shows with my band around town.  One night after another, she never showed.  Up until then I had spent enough time with her … Continue reading

Facts and Bits on Bridget

Born and raised in Austin, TX, one of few remaining true Austinites; Bridget is a successful real estate agent in her hometown who has become a multi-million dollar producer over the past few years. She enjoys working out and running and feels this is a top priority for both her family and herself (It keeps … Continue reading