The musical life of Billy Shoemaker

Billy Murray Shoemaker Jr. was born March 10th, 1986 in San Antonio, Texas, where most of his extended family still resides today. His mother and father soon thereafter moved to Dallas, Texas and a year later his younger sister Jackie was born. In fall of 1996 his father was offered an opportunity to move the family to Austin, Texas to pursue a business opportunity…not to mention, a more beautiful place to live. His father would eventually accept, and the families’ move to the music capital of the world would soon be one that would shape his life forever.
Billy had many passions and talents throughout his childhood, but none seemed to stick for more than a few years at a time. That was until the art of music was introduced to his life. Hours of hard work and determination surfaced his keen ability to write and perform music at a high level, at a fairly young age.
After graduating high school in 2004 and Texas Christian University in 2008, Billy held various jobs but eventually found his way back into his niche for music. At the age of twenty-four he began performing music for a living, and in the course of it found the woman of his dreams. After only seven months of knowing one another, Billy married Bridget Shoemaker in their mutual hometown of Austin, Texas. Billy then soon transitioned back into a career in sales, taking a position at the largest growing software company in the world.
At age 26 and 28, Billy and Bridget were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Tatum Murray Shoemaker was born at 37 ½ weeks on July 17th of 2012. While baby Tatum looked to be healthy at birth, he was diagnosed with Respiratory Distress Syndrome. In short, his respiration (breath) rate was triple the rate that doctors considered to be safe. What initially looked to be a few days of recovery would quickly turned into a week. By the amazing grace of God, science, and nurture; Tatum eventually rallied to a healthy return home. This blog is a reflection of the Shoemakers’ lives in the years to come, and a testament to their ever-growing love for one another. Stay tuned.


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