How it all began….

Bridget and I met through a mutual friend in our hometown of Austin, Texas in the Winter of 2010.  In Spring of 2011, I asked Bridget to attend a few of my shows with my band around town.  One night after another, she never showed.  Up until then I had spent enough time with her to know she was someone special, so I was determined to capture a piece of her time.  Weeks later, my persistency paid off, and I was presented with the most amazing gift of my life…Bridget.  One day after another, and we began to build a bond and companionship that words can never express.  It was very early in our relationship that we realized the overwhelming harmony between one another.  Our passion for life and each other, have since then made us inseparable.  The love we share has provided happiness and comfort, and continues to help us grow as people and as partners.  There have been an unbelievable amount of positive comments directed towards us that we cannot seem to ignore.  One powerful testament after another from friends, family, and even strangers, has provided reassurance in our decision to live our lives together forever. – Billy 10/2011

The two of us


3 thoughts on “How it all began….

  1. and wasn’t the song “until then” written about that special love? we need to hear your original songs again….they’re so awesome Tiger!
    until then….looking fwd to seeing yall later….

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