Facts and Bits on Bridget

Born and raised in Austin, TX, one of few remaining true Austinites; Bridget is a successful real estate agent in her hometown who has become a multi-million dollar producer over the past few years. She enjoys working out and running and feels this is a top priority for both her family and herself (It keeps her fit and SANE). Thus, she has very strong feelings about wanting to bring Tatum up in a very active and athletic environment. She has always had a passion for writing…not the best at punctuation and grammar, but doesn’t let that stop her! There is always someone that can edit, right? Whether it’s running her own non-profit or simply pitching in to volunteer, Bridget has always been heavily involved in giving back to the community. Since her son Tatum was recently admitted into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), she has developed a new-found enlightenment around the struggles and difficulties that come from time spent there. As result, she has since then had her eyes on finding ways to support NICU families…coming soon. She will form a Non- Profit very soon. For those that don’t know Bridget very well… sitting and relaxing is something she finds very difficult to do. That’s where Billy has definitely helped level her out. A LOT.

Bridget enjoys reading educational and self-development books and devotionals. She has developed a very strong faith and relationship with God, which is probably why it’s tattooed on her left wrist. She’s fast paced, forgiving, loyal, corky, active, and clean. She’s very organized, but has a hard time keeping it that way. Examples: everything is labeled in the house, all of the hangers are identical, specific bins for EVERYTHING, the list goes on and on…

Over the last few years she has developed a niche for the ever-changing nature behind technology, and its benefits to our everyday lives. She studies and goes to conventions to increase her knowledge. She danced until the age of 18, performing in acts like the “Nutcracker” at Ballet Austin. She then went on to teach dance after graduating Bowie High School in 2001. What else…She loves the sun (hints the dark complexion but, also has olive skin), is only 5’3”, loves high-heels (specifically wedges), loves to wear black. When Bridget was 20 years old, she was presented with an opportunity to nanny for a precious 3-year-old girl who had Leukemia. After spending hours contemplating the decision to embark on this emotional journey, she decided to move forward with it. This was the start to a life changing experience that would eventually shape her personality forever. Bridget’s mother was a single mom, and a damn good one at that. She was very close with her grandmother who passed away in 2006, and this was another extremely difficult and life changing event in her life as well. She loves helping others…but, learned she has to take care of herself first. Many of her best friends have been around since her very early childhood, and she cherishes them dearly. She doesn’t really like to sleep much, doesn’t watch many movies, loves the outdoors, loves to travel (but always gets home sick), loves music (but doesn’t really remember artists), and didn’t hear Billy sing until one month after starting to date him. She calls or texts her mom almost every day, has too many clothes but somehow always feels like there’s nothing to wear, takes notes on everything: Church, classes, well…everything). She has every organizational app in the book downloaded, but still uses paper and pen…has the taste buds of a child, feels out of whack when the bed isn’t made every day, and loves gardening. Bridget’s sister is a teacher and is a very good editor for her little sister, which comes in handy. Bridget has tattoos, but each means something very special. She didn’t get the first one until the age of 24. She loves driving with the windows down and the sunroof open (doesn’t mind looking like she’s 17), but despises being cold. Until she met Billy, her direct family was quite small (but always very close). Bridget’s sister’s name is Brittany, and they are 18 months apart they are very different but, have the best relationship. Bridget asks a lot of questions and will ask a second time, to make sure she gets the same answer again. She is older than her husband Billy, and some say she’s just an old-soul altogether. In fact, one of her very best friends is in her mid-forty’s, and you’d think they both grew up together. She has tons of baskets and yet thinks she’s in need of another one every time she sees one. Bridget has 763 unread emails in her inbox, and wants them to all just disappear. She will call or text her friends just to say HI at random times, wears hats a lot, only wears Tennis shoes when running or working out, has been skiing only once (would rather be at the beach), has never been on a horse and lives in Texas?…She journals, has a strange memory, takes a long time to tell a story (yet wants other people to get to the point ASAP), and has a 4 hour guaranteed response time on her cell phone voicemail…Some of her friends would probably appreciate it if she followed that protocol with them, and not just clients. She loves to chew ice (but the sound of others eating drives her crazy), has to have her radar detector turned on, only loves rain at night.. If you care to read on, she…

  • Checks to make sure the door is locked at least twice at night.
  • Always thinks she’s left her curling iron on (and it’s always off!)
  • Is a big planner
  • Likes every minute of her day planned out (which drives some people crazy).
  • Thinks other peoples’ time is important and hates being late (But knows sometimes it’s inevitable).
  • Finds it hard to tell her friends that she has to go when she’s on the phone.
  • Always refers business to people she knows.
  • Has quotes and sayings placed all throughout her house.
  • Has bad days.
  • Always knows there are 2 sides to a story.
  • Thinks it’s important to always make up with people.
  • Prides herself in not having enemies.
  • Doesn’t have a relationship with her father, and hasn’t since the age of 10. His choice.
  • Still feels like she has much more to accomplish in this life.
  • Loves her son to death but doesn’t think she will be a stay at home mom.
  • Likes to have fresh flowers in her home at all times.
  • Tries to do something positive for herself every day.
  • Is quick to say “I love you” to the people closest in her life.
  • Doesn’t really understand the game of football.
  • Finds people she admires and tries to go to lunch with them at least once a month.
  • Tries to learn from her mistakes.
  • Is not afraid to say sorry and admit when she’s wrong, but struggles when others don’t reciprocate.
  • Loves people but not unorganized crowds.
  • Thinks it’s weird when people walk past people they know.
  • Loves candles.
  • Shares her dogs with her ex-husband and still has a good friendship with him. Some think it’s weird… Bridget thinks it should be more common than not.
  • Rarely gives up when she wants something, unless her logic tells her to quit.
  • Tells people how she feels. Period.
  • Knows that her grandmothers’ loss was the hardest thing she has ever experienced. However, it took quite some time (and quite a few mistakes) to come to that realization.
  • Loves Christmas.
  • Has a sister who thinks she has way too many Christmas decorations.
  • Has a strong personality.
  • Is competitive.
  • Gets annoyed when her computer or phone dies (even though she’s been warned for over 10 minutes).

Isn’t good about stopping a project for a break. Which brings me to the end… For now.


2 thoughts on “Facts and Bits on Bridget

  1. I loved reading all this….and the wild part, and why I know I love you so much, is that you and I share ALOT of similarities!
    Great writing and I look forward to more posts!

    • Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it. I am so happy to be back writing. Thought this post would be great for everyone to get to know the “Real” me and the “Real” Billy. I thought it would be great for family to get to know us both. I love you too and yes… I see similariites in us as well:)

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